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Dog Daycare Redefined

Evenings with your dog will be easier and more enjoyable when your dog is both mentally and physically tired after a structured day of play.

Our group environment is small and playgroups are curated to maximize your dog’s satisfaction and fun while in our care. Our doggy daycare experience is professionally-designed enrichment-based constructive time spent with top notch, trained and experienced, caretakers. Daycare includes not only playtime with friends, but enrichment activities, training time, physical challenges like agility games, and a variety of other activities.

Our enrichment-based daycare service is available seven days a week, including holidays. A holiday surcharge of 15% applies for daycare on holidays purchased individually. Modified schedules may also apply on holidays.

Want to make your dog feel extra special for a special occasion (or any occasion)? Don’t miss our Ultimate Enrichment Experience for a day of pampering and one-on-one attention and activities customized for your dog.

Enrichment-Based Doggy Daycare

Our clients tell us they refer to our daycare experience as “sending their pup to school.” This is not your average doggy daycare environment with eight hours of doggy chaos – it’s a small group, supervised, structured play experience designed to engage, teach, tire, and socialize your dog.

Puppy (under 1 year old) daycare includes frequent outside potty breaks and reinforcement of proper potty behavior/house breaking, basic crate training, and group & individual work on basic obedience commands. (For problem behaviors or more involved puppy training, including more targeted bite inhibition with humans, full crate training or work on separation anxiety, inquire about our board & train options.)

Pre-arranged drop off time for daycare is between 7-9am and pick up is between 4-9pm.

School bus service (pick-up and drop-off) for daycare is also available for $10 each way within 5 miles of our facility.

Weekly and monthly discounted packages are available for daycare, including memberships for monthly unlimited daycare services.

Unlimited Daycare Membership


Unlimited Daycare Puppy Membership


Puppy Daycare


Adult Dog Daycare


Puppy Weekly Rate (2+ days/per week)


Adult Dog Weekly Rate (2+ days/week)


Spoil Your Dog!

The Ultimate Enrichment Experience

You are busy, we know. (So does your dog.)

Does life get so hectic sometimes that you feel guilty because you don’t have one-on-one time to show your dog the love and affection you know they deserve? Schedule a day with A Way With Dogs and we will do it for you!

This service is perfect for pet birthday or gotcha day special experience, to pamper your pet on your wedding day or big anniversary, or when you’re extremely busy and just don’t have time to give your dog the treatment he or

The Ultimate Enrichment Experience is a perfect wedding gift or gift for grand dogs, so tell your friends! (Gift certificates are available.)

Your dog’s premium, customized day includes a wide ranging selection of individual one-on-one services. We will assign your dog a nanny who will design a day of custom services and spend the day tending to, pampering, doting on, and loving on them. Your dog is guaranteed to return home from this special occasion service happy and tired!

Exclusive one-on-one services with their nanny during your dog’s day may include:

  • Enrichment puzzles and brain games
  • Treat hunt
  • Treat-filled toys
  • Scent walks
  • Trail hikes
  • Training sessions
  • Fetch
  • Couch time
  • Massage
  • Agility activities
  • Individual or group play on our doggy playground
  • Social time with friends
  • Custom activities at your request – what does your dog like doing best? What would you like your dog to try?

Your dog’s dedicated nanny will close out the day with your choice of a social media spotlight or a personalized, detailed report card of your dog’s day. Pick-up and drop-off within the Milwaukee metropolitan area well as a special gift from Eddie & Company are a part of this all inclusive package.

This intimate, limited availability service books well in advance, so plan ahead to be sure your dog gets his or her special day! Please contact us directly using our web form, or text us at 414-540-8865 and we will give you a call to schedule this service.

The Ultimate Enrichment Experience


Boarding Add-On


Dog Walking

Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation to remain happy, healthy, and well behaved. Evenings with your dog will be easier and more enjoyable when they have mental and physical exercise and stimulation while you are busy during the day, or at work.

All dogs should get out of their home or yard daily, so our weekday walks are particularly good for dogs who don’t do well in a group environment like daycare or don’t need to attend daycare five times a week.

This service is available Monday through Friday except on holidays. Walks are typically scheduled between 10:30am and 2:00pm, but we will work with your schedule so that your dog can get a midday break while you are gone.

After the walk, you will receive a report card with a GPS tracked map and pictures, along with notes from your walker.

Daily walk packages are available by the week or the month.

Don’t miss our Ultimate Adventure Hikes! These extended walks are available seven days a week and are perfect for wearing out your high energy pup in a novel environment.

Weekday Dog Walk

We’ll take your dog out for a 30 minute spin mid-day. This can be a scent walk, exercise walk, training walk, or some of each. 

If the weather is inappropriate for a walk (i.e. too hot or too cold to walk safely, or your dog doesn’t like walking in the rain), we’ll bring the party to your dog in the form of play in the yard or indoors with enrichment toys or puzzles, fetch, or other games, along with a quick potty break.

This service is available Monday through Friday. (If you need care for your dog on a holiday or weekend, please book a pet sitting stop, which can include a walk.)

Monthly Dog Walk Package


Save 15% or more by booking your dog walks with a monthly package!
We will walk your dog every Monday through Friday during a calendar month for a discounted monthly fee when you pay in advance.

Dog Walk Weekly Package


Save 10% with a weekly (Monday through Friday) dog walking package purchased in advance.

Dog Walk


Individual walks available mid-day on weekdays. Service is not offered on holidays.

Ultimate Adventure Hike

This is our premier exercise dog walk experience.

Do you need a break from your high energy dog? (Or maybe your dog needs a break from you!)

If you have an extra busy week or weekend planned, this is the opportunity for both you and your dog to decompress.

We’ll pick up your dog from your home and take them to a nearby (or not so nearby) trail for an approximately 90 minute hike.

An Adventure Hike can also be added to your dog’s daycare day or boarding stay at our facility at a discounted price.

One Dog Hike


+1 Dog


Add a Hike to Daycare or Boarding



Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your pet deserves to be well cared for and treated like family. When you board with A Way With Dogs, your dog will stay safely overnight and participate in our daycare program during the day. You can feel confident we will tend to both your pet’s physical and psychological needs while you are gone.

A 15% holiday surcharge applies to all vacation services on major holidays.

Stay and Play  (Overnight boarding)

Bring your dog for a pajama party with their friends at A Way With Dogs! Your dog will stay with us overnight in a comfortable, homey environment where they will sleep in a crate, or on a dog bed or couch, in accordance with their home routine. Your dog will have breakfast and dinner with us and participate in our enrichment daycare (see above) during the day.

This is a 24 hour service charged by the night. For services over 24 hours, a full or half day of daycare will be added. (For example, if your dog is dropped off at noon and picked up at 5pm the following day, a half day daycare charge of $20 will be included on the invoice.)

Add pick-up or drop off to any boarding service for $10 each way for locations within 7 miles of our facility.

Stay & Play for Puppies


Stay & Play for Dogs


Cat Boarding


Cats can stay overnight with us too. Up to two cats from the same household are welcome. Space is limited as we have one room dedicated to our feline friends, so give us plenty of notice to reserve the room for you!

Parrot Boarding


Parrots or other birds can board with us in our bird friendly space.

Pet Sitting & House Sitting

Our professional, caring, insured sitters will care for your pets in the comfort of your home.

Most house and pet sitting services include bringing in mail and packages, plant watering, opening and closing window coverings and turning lights on and off to help your home look occupied even when we are not there.

A 15% holiday surcharge applies to all holiday pet and house sitting services.

House Sitting

Your experienced A Way With Dogs sitter will spend the night in your home, making your pets happy and your home look lived in while you are gone.

Most extras and caged pet care are included, but contact us to discuss and a get a quote for special requests or services for more than two pets.



Ultimate House Sitting covers:

  • Up to two pets
  • A dedicated sitter
  • 22 hours of care
  • Bring in mail and packages almost immediately
  • Plant watering
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Open and close curtains and blinds
  • Couch time with your pets
  • Enrichment puzzles and games in your home with your sitter
  • Morning, lunchtime & evening feedings
  • Unlimited walks/potty stops
  • Unlimited couch time with your pets
  • Medications or other special needs tended to throughout the day
  • Other special requests



All Inclusive House Sitting covers:

  • Up to two pets
  • 9 hours overnight
  • Bring in mail and packages
  • Plant watering
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Couch time with your pets
  • Morning & evening feedings
  • Morning & evening walks/potty stops
  • Two pet sitting stops or walks OR a two-hour extended visit during the day



Basic House Sitting covers:

  • Care for one dog or two cats
  • 8-9 hours overnight
  • Bring in mail and packages
  • Plant watering
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Couch time with your pets
  • Morning & evening feedings
  • Daytime stops booked separately at additional cost

Pet Sitting Stops

A Way With Dogs sitter schedules are flexible, allowing your sitter to ensure that not only are your pet’s physical needs met, but that their emotional needs are addressed as well.

Our regular Pet Sitting Stops are 30-45 minutes. Our sitters have wiggle room in their schedules to take the time needed to spend on the activity, exercise, training practice, or even just couch time, that your pet needs to be comfortable and stress-free in your absence.

We can also water plants and will bring in mail & packages. If you schedule two or more stops in a day, we can open & close curtains and turn lights on & off to help your home look lived in.

Hourly Pet Sitting  can be purchased as a stand-alone when you have a busy week or weekend and your pets simply need some extra attention or as a part of a longer vacation booking of pet sitting stops.

Multiple pets? Exotics? Pets with special or medical needs? Most extras are included in our regular pet sitting pricing, but contact us to discuss further.

Is your puppy potty training and needs to go out several times per day? Do you have a cat that doesn’t mind being home alone? We have a no frills, 15 minute Pit Stop to drop some food and refresh water for your cat or take your young puppy out frequently during early housebreaking.

Pit Stop


Hourly Pet Sitting (minimum 2 hours)


Pet Sitting Stop

$35/stop +$5/additional pet

Pet Taxi

Forget to adjust your schedule to be available when your pet needs to be at an appointment? Let our Pet Taxi meet your pet whenever, where ever they are to transport them for you.

Don’t have time or don’t want to make the extra trip to drop off or pick up your pet before or after services at our facility? Would you like your dog to be home when you arrive home after a late flight and long travel? We can take care of that too!

To and From Appointments

A Way With Dogs pet taxi services provide transportation for your pets to grooming and veterinarian appointments, or for any other transportation needs. After the ride ends, you will receive a card in your app featuring GPS tracking, photos, and any relevant notes from your driver.
Each pet taxi includes pick up and drop off, a private ride (up to 20 miles round trip) and a potty break. For appointments lasting an hour or less, we will wait with your pet for no additional charge, and return them home. For appointments that take longer than an hour, time spent at the appointment will be charged in 30 minute increments. For rides beyond 20 miles, there will be a mileage charge.
When requesting, please include details such as the appointment details and address of the appointment. You can also add additional pets to the ride, if needed.

Ride Base Price


Up 20 miles round trip + 1 hour spent at an appointment

Additional 30 minutes at appointment


If the appointment takes more than an hour, don't fret. We'll stick around for your pet.

Mileage (beyond 20 miles)


Additional Pet


After Hours Travel


For travel between the hours of 5-7am or 7-11pm

Pick-up & Drop-off for Services at A Way With Dogs

Need a ride to or from A Way With Dogs for boarding or daycare services? We’ve got you covered for a flat fee for pick-up from a residence or other location within 7 miles of the A Way With Dogs facility.

To or From our facility


Additional Mileage


Additional Pet



Your dog will attend daycare on your schedule or board with us for two weeks or longer and learn from our experienced, certified trainers and other dogs. 

Please click below to set up a Meet & Greet to discuss your needs.

Puppy Boot Camp

$1999 & up

New puppy taking more time and energy than you thought?

Is your puppy more of a handful than you bargained for?

Need to work on a daily routine with your dog but your own daily routine is in chaos?

No time to socialize your new dog in new environments and with new dogs and humans?

Are you struggling with a particular puppy behavior or stage?

Our Puppy Boot Camp follows and expands upon the philosophy laid out in Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer. It starts with basics like house breaking, obedience training, bite inhibition, and socialization and moves onto more complex concepts as time and your puppy's ability allows.

Contact us for availability and a full consultation and quote.

Puppies must be up to date on vaccinations to the extent possible to minimize risk while in our care.

Board or Daycare & Train

Contact Us

Board & Train and Daycare Training options are available to address issues and problem behaviors in puppies or adult dogs, encourage healthy adaptive behaviors, improve social behavior, and address other specific needs such as reactivity, leash walking, and more. Each scenario will be assessed and priced on a case by case basis depending on the difficulty of the issue and time required.

All custom training services include a written plan to work on at home, and where needed, a session to provide you with the know-how to continue reinforcement of desired behavior and follow-up sessions to address issues that arise at home.

Contact us for a consultation and quote to create a plan for you and your dog. Services may be priced on a weekly, monthly, or per session basis depending on your dog's needs.